Haynes Enterprise, Inc. is a research and development company focusing our resources and efforts on the development of technologies that enable the creation of socially beneficial products.


Haynes places a strong artistic emphasis on research and development drawing guidance from the world we live in, its inhabitants and the idea that we are all in this together. We must foster a global mindset towards conservation in order to truly produce "technology for everyone".


Haynes Enterprise, Inc. develops and licenses printed technologies including printed light, printed batteries and printed solar films.


Haynes Enterprise provides printed power solutions for the storage of energy.


Haynes Enterprise, Inc. provides printed light technology to produce high quality and highly efficient light panels and displays.



Power-Flex is the working name for thin, flat, flexible batteries that can provide lightweight, inexpensive power for printed illumination on the same substrate, such as paper or bio-degradable plastics, eliminating the need for bulky, heavy cell batteries.

Haynes Enterprises' Power-Flex printed battery technology includes ink formulations, battery designs and construction methods to produce printable, thin, flexible batteries.







Power-Flex printed battery cells can be combined to achieve custom voltages. Just like the millions of AA batteries used every day, a single cell of the Haynes printed battery technology produces approximately 1.5 – 1.6 volts.

Power-Flex printed batteries are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and do not contain heavy metals, i.e. a green product for environmentally conscious consumers. The green focus is found throughout the product design process. Power-Flex batteries minimize materials while delivering required output during the product lifecycle.

Power-Flex can be printed as text or in any shape to maximize the area of a die-cut paper product.  Flexible constructions allow roll-to-roll processing of continuous strips that can be cut to length depending on the power requirements.

When screen printing Power-Flex batteries you can apply a variety of shapes, sizes and constructions on a single substrate.

By printing the individual cells in a series, Power-Flex batteries have the capability of producing high voltage when required.

Power-Flex inks may be formulated to achieve variable viscosities offering a variety of printing methods on PET (plastic) or paper substrates.



Traditional EL lamps use a single opaque printed rear electrode to create a single side emission lamp.


Sequencing EL lamps incorporate multiple rear electrodes connected to a controller in order to achieve animated displays.


Dual emission EL lamps use a transparent conductor as the rear electrode creating a simulated neon glow.


Power-Flex Lighting describes the technologies Haynes Enterprise uses to create an array of printed lighting effects powered by the printed Power-Flex battery. Power-Flex lighting is flat, flexible lighting comprised of printed layers of phosphors and or organic light-emitting polymers that emit light when power is applied. This is where Power-Flex offers a variety of product applications previously unattainable with traditional batteries.


Haynes Enterprise, Inc. is a research and development company developing and licensing innovative solutions to companies engaged in the lighting, power and solar industries.

Haynes Enterprise was formed in 2001 by entrepreneur and inventor Bryan Haynes to develop and license proprietary printing ink formulations, constructions and manufacturing methods to produce printed batteries, printed electronic circuits and printed lighting to companies needing economical printed solutions for their products.


Bryans' previous inventions in printed lighting enabled him to foresee a need for printed power supplies capable of powering printed illumination technologies.  Bryan’s experience in printed lighting evolved into a program to create a printed power supply for OLED and electroluminescent lamps that could be printed on the same surface as the printed light. This unique approach in targeting printed technologies that work together has led Haynes Enterprise, Inc. to develop other printed circuitry constructions for enabling associated technologies.


Haynes Enterprise was founded in Pacifica, California and incorporated in 2003. Haynes Enterprise, Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Grass Valley, California.

Meet the Founder

Bryan Haynes  President/CEO

For over 25 years Bryan Haynes has dedicated his research and development efforts to achieve a multitude of printed technologies that include printed light, printed electronic circuitry, printed batteries and printed solar.

Bryan's passion for art and science led to his first inventions of electroluminescent lighting and founding his previous company Add-Vision, Inc. in 1994 to research various lighting effects that could be produced using thin, flat and flexible materials combined with electronic controllers. Bryan had worked at Industrial Light and Magic, and his movie-industry background and special effects talents caused him to be very curious about deploying some revolutionary animation effects using non-conventional lighting. Add-Vision  was founded in Bryan's garage in Pacifica, California which was quickly outgrown and relocated to a facility in Pacifica.

Bryan assembled and directed a unique team of scientists and artists, who shared Bryan's vision to commercially deliver systems that would animate virtually any surface one could imagine and successfully developed methods to expedite the process of research and development to create new products for companies such as GE, 3M, and Mattel. Through the years, Bryan and his team worked to perfect the technology, filing and receiving many patents along the way.

In 1997 Add-Vision delivered their first production Surface Animation products, and in 1998 acquired world-class manufacturing facilities in Grass Valley, California (60 miles north of Sacramento) that housed a circuit fabrication plant, materials research group, art department, applied engineering team and various administrative functions with over 100 persons on staff in various disciplines including physics, chemistry, electronic engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, administration and of course, art.

Bryan served as Sr. Vice President, Vice President of Research and Development, and Chief Technology Officer, as well as a board member for seven years. During this time, Bryan invented new applications and holds numerous patents in the field of electroluminescent technology.

In 2001 Add-Vision, Inc. focused on Bryan's thin film electroluminescent technology and the commercialization of screen printed flexible displays using Light Emitting Polymer (LEP). For the next ten years Add-Vision made great strides in printed OLED technology with Bayer, Alps Electric, Toppan Forms and CDT as licensees and was acquired by  Sumitomo Chemicals in January 2011.

Haynes Enterprise, Inc. was the first company to produce a fully printed battery and to print a fully printed battery on the same surface of the printed light. In the last 18 years Haynes' technologies have developed to include unique design constructions of associated printed technologies including printed light, printed battery and printed solar cells.


The Haynes Enterprise technology team has provided innovative solutions to companies looking to incorporate new technologies into their products since 1994.


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Haynes Enterprise, Inc. has developed strategic partnerships for marketing, manufacturing and distribution of intellectual properties associated to the Haynes technologies.

International Distributor

Since 2012, Haynes Enterprise has licensed printed battery and printed lighting technology to Triton Solar LLC of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Triton Solar manufactures and distributes the Haynes print technologies.


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